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^ot'U LiT;ce£. Fertrnate!} for as, Sri Cheliksni Prakasa Rao and

Sri Chint^ Appaiaswair.y, both social workers, gave us moral

support. We cooirxed Sri Kolli Venkata Kurminaidu, the Presi-

dent of the Panchayat Sarr.iti who later was elected M.L.A., for

three successive terms, to pay a visit to the Village and to sanction

funds fer s Drirlirg \V,.trr Well cc condition that 5G% of the cost

should be iret by voluntary labour.   The Gadabas gladly accepted.

True to their *vor.i. they worked in  batches of fifty  everyday.

Sri  Av5ts»a.  the village elder, provided the leadership.   They

completed the vcrk ty April  1967.   Sri Kolli Venkata Kurmi

Kaidu inaugurated the v;eli in the presence  of Forum members.

The water fortunately was sweet.   The people were   hilarious.

Before the well was sunk, they had to trek 4 Km, to fetch a pail of

Second!;., tailing advantage of this climate of geniality,

Sri Va^lala Srlrba Rao embarked on the linguistic study of their

language, Kc ;vas existed K Sri S. Vinaya Bhcshan, the English

Lectarer. Scon he gathered many Gadaba words in his lexicon.

The Gacat:. rre^ and \\crren - led bv Bhima^ya and Sitamma, two

Octogeraiii.ns. into a circle around us and broke into loud

laughter, scngs ar.J dances with slow steps. Sri Sobba Rao

recorded marr- of them.

Sri Subba Rao's genial personality  attracted them  and they

vied %ith each othrr for an opportunity to answer his questions.

Sri Subba Rao took the opportunity so afforded to delve deep

into the roots cf \*oids. and analyse scientifically the grcrnmar and

syntax of the Gadaba language.

Sri Subba Rao completed this whole task by April 1967.

He cherished submitting his thesis, so carefully prepared.

However, a mishap occurred. His jottings, notes, photo-

graphs. Cassettes, draft thesis, other memorabilia which were kept

in a suit case were lost while he was travelling home by train to

avail himself of summer vacation in|April5 1967,